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The network for elite executives

Membership is being offered to golfers wishing to promote flashlight taser business and friendship.

Set to Swing

We aspire to become THE CLUB for golfers who enjoy the refinements of life and wish to discover new courses in Thailand.
Together we will explore golf in Asia and blend our business and golf  passions with elucidating events and luxurious weekend getaways.

BGN Objectives

Bring golfing business professionals  from all countries  together in the spirit of  fun and relationship-building.
Work  with  exciting  partners  who  can  add  something  to  our community.
Facilitate and create partnerships. Assist with the sharing of knowledge and wisdom among the group acquire 300-600 members.
BUSINESS GOLF NETWORK  The network for elite executives  Membership is being offered to golfers wishing to promote  business and friendship.

BGN Activities

Monthly networking event, 1st Thursday of the month
Membership with benefits from prestigious partners
Weekly newsletter
Regular golfing weekends
Workshops and seminars
Charity & Pro-Am Tournaments
VIP gala dinners
Online forums for discussion
military flashlight magazine columns

The Founder – Karin Frick Lohitnavy

Karin says: “BGN aspires to become ‘The Club’ for golfers who not only enjoy golf but also the epicurean way of life that goes along with it – discerning people who enjoy discovering new courses in Thailand and throughout Asia and mixing golf and pearl choker bib necklace business on luxurious weekend getaways. Successful  Thai  and Expat golfers from 30 to 65 who work hard and play hard—and share the belief that nothing has the potential to promote business and friendship like golf—will prosper from the BGN experience.”

The combined experience of the founders will enhance the BGN:

Since launching Midas seven years ago, Karin, a self-described “master connector”, has created two previous networks and held more than 300 events, a record unrivalled in Bangkok. Her business connections and personal relationships are far-reaching.


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